Out & About: Boston International Fine Art Show

Last weekend we had the pleasure of participating in the 17th Annual Boston International Fine Art Show!  As always, Fusco & Four put on a great show.  Thank you to all our collectors and friends who came by to support us!

In case you missed it, here's a look our booth:

Panoramic of our booth featuring Sally Ladd Cole, Gregory Prestegord, Terry Miura, Frank Strazzulla, Leo Mancini-Hresko, Jussi Poyhonen, & Daniele Cestari.

Visuals: New SMG Postcards

A while back we made a wildly successful gallery postcard that quickly disappeared!  In trying to create something visual that people could take with them to remember the gallery, we have a new gallery postcard with images of some of the all-time favorite paintings that have graced the walls of SMG!  

Swing by the gallery to snag one (and even one for a friend) before they vanish!  A little daily art inspiration to keep at your desk, in your studio, on your fridge, or even as a bookmark :)

Framed Friday: Jussi Poyhonen

This beautiful painting and quaint frame come to us from Jussi Poyhonen.  Jussi, originally from Finland, spent some time with studying with Odd Nerdrum as well as studying at the Florence Academy of Art and the University of Art and Design in Helsinki, for a number of years before moving to Florida.  He has recently returned to Florence in order to teach at the Academy.  

Jussi Poyhonen, 'Olivia', 7 x 8, Oil on Panel.

This picture shows a bit of the profile of the frame, with the scoop.  It's such a detailed frame for the size of the piece.  The gilding is beautifully burnished with a crimson finish.

One of the best details on the frame is this metal hanger.  Most frames from Florence come with this for hanging, instead of being wired.  It creates a nice accent. 

Keep an eye out for some more beautiful frames from Jussi.  He recently sent us four landscapes that were painted and framed in Florence.  Jussi says that many of the Florentine framers still do the gilding themselves.