Framed Friday: Museum of Fine Arts

Today, we decided to go outside the gallery for our frames.  This week, we had the pleasure of playing host to new gallery artist -- Daniele Cestari!  Daniele is from Ferrara, Italy but is currently in the midst of spending two months in the United States.  It is always fun to explore your city with someone who has never been there.  We took him to some of our favorite places -- along with discovering new favorites! 

All this fun took us on a Wednesday night visit to the MFA.  Though we were only there for a few hours, we all loved walking around and seeing some of our favorite pieces!  While there are hundreds of frames we could have chosen -- from simple to elaborate -- we chose to feature a frame in a frame.  These beautiful frames can be found on Level 1 in Room 137 -- 18th Century Furniture: Design & Construction.

The shadows that are cast below each frame are just as elegant at the frames themselves.

Thank you to Daniele for a wonderful week -- and a reminder to everyone to visit their local art museum once a month!

Framed Friday: Joshua Flint

Happy Friday!  After three weeks of featuring detailed frames, this week we are going simple.  Sometimes simple and modern work better depending on the painting.  This recently arrived piece from Joshua Flint is titled 'Perfect Temerature'.  Appropriately named as our weather has been all over the place this week!

Joshua Flint, 'Perfect Temperature', 18 x 18, Oil on Panel.

The flat black frame allows Josh's gorgeous color palette to stand out.  Views of the inner and outer corners allow you to see the depth of the frame.  The clean lines of the frame also work to complement the drip affect on the painting, the more organic shape of the figures, and the structured lines of the architecture.  

Stop by to see Josh's piece in person and be sure to check out his great blog!

Framed Friday: Jussi Poyhonen

This beautiful painting and quaint frame come to us from Jussi Poyhonen.  Jussi, originally from Finland, spent some time with studying with Odd Nerdrum as well as studying at the Florence Academy of Art and the University of Art and Design in Helsinki, for a number of years before moving to Florida.  He has recently returned to Florence in order to teach at the Academy.  

Jussi Poyhonen, 'Olivia', 7 x 8, Oil on Panel.

This picture shows a bit of the profile of the frame, with the scoop.  It's such a detailed frame for the size of the piece.  The gilding is beautifully burnished with a crimson finish.

One of the best details on the frame is this metal hanger.  Most frames from Florence come with this for hanging, instead of being wired.  It creates a nice accent. 

Keep an eye out for some more beautiful frames from Jussi.  He recently sent us four landscapes that were painted and framed in Florence.  Jussi says that many of the Florentine framers still do the gilding themselves.


Framed Friday: Carlo Russo

It's Friday again!  This week we are happy to feature a frame, and painting, by Carlo Russo.  Carlo is another one of our artists who makes his own frames.  Having been to his studio, and seen him working through this frame, we know how much he thinks about the color, profile, and finish on his frames.

Carlo Russo, 'Dreams of Ophelia', 22 x 29, Oil on Linen.

Carlo did an amazing job with the gold leaf detail.  The gold picks up on the browns and tans of the painting, playing off her skin tone perfectly.  The frame looks classic, even though it was only made a few months ago. 

If you haven't seen this painting or frame in person, be sure to stop by the gallery soon!  It's hanging in a prime spot behind the nook desk!

Our First Ever: Framed Friday!

We are happy to be starting our weekly blog post called Framed Friday!  Every Friday, we will be featuring our favorite frame from the week.  Sometimes they will be on pieces we have in the gallery and sometimes they will be from places we have visited. 

This week we'd like to show you this beautiful frame (and painting) by Justin Hess. Justin makes all his own frames so that each frame is its own work of art to compliment each painting.


Justin Hess, 'Chinese Vase with Almond Blossoms', 24 x 16, Oil on Linen.

Justin goes in to depth about how in make frames in his book Controlling the Creative Process: A Painter's Guide to Methods & Materials.  He talks about coloring frames, adding gold leaf, and creating a texture.  Please feel free to stop by the gallery to take a look through Justin's book, which talks about more than just framing or purchase a copy for yourself here.