Welcome to Sloane Merrill Gallery!


Sloane Merrill Gallery was founded to introduce fresh, representational artists to Boston and show their paintings in a unique, dynamic space on Charles Street in Beacon Hill.  The gallery works to promote and excel the careers of living artists who were traditionally trained, work only in oils, and have a distinctive personal approach to their work.  Our mission is to encourage, educate, and assist collectors in the acquisition of original works of art wherever they may be in the process -- just starting out, adding to an existing collection, or introducing the next generation to the art world.  Artists include: Gregory Prestegord, Terry Miura, Carlo Russo, Joshua Flint, Sally Ladd Cole, Jeremy Durling, Adam VinsonKathleen Dunphy, Leo Mancini-Hresko, Danny McCaw, Jussi Pöyhönen, Mary Sauer, Daniele Cestari, Terry Trambauer Norris, & Gary Weisman.  


current show: adam vinson -- Hoopla! (and Other Necessary Distractions)