Out & About: Boston International Fine Art Show

Last weekend we had the pleasure of participating in the 17th Annual Boston International Fine Art Show!  As always, Fusco & Four put on a great show.  Thank you to all our collectors and friends who came by to support us!

In case you missed it, here's a look our booth:

Panoramic of our booth featuring Sally Ladd Cole, Gregory Prestegord, Terry Miura, Frank Strazzulla, Leo Mancini-Hresko, Jussi Poyhonen, & Daniele Cestari.

Converge in NYC

We had the fortune of heading down to New York for the opening night of Converge: Where Classical & Contemporary Art Collide.  It was an incredible evening -- the paintings were stunning, the show was well hung, and we got to spend time with a handful of our favorite artists and friends! 

A personal favorite by gallery artist Danny McCaw:

'Orange on Plate', 30 x 24, Oil on Panel, 2012.

If you are in New York, we highly recommend visiting the exhibition at 25CPW Gallery (25 Central Park West at 62nd Street)!