Our First Ever: Framed Friday!

We are happy to be starting our weekly blog post called Framed Friday!  Every Friday, we will be featuring our favorite frame from the week.  Sometimes they will be on pieces we have in the gallery and sometimes they will be from places we have visited. 

This week we'd like to show you this beautiful frame (and painting) by Justin Hess. Justin makes all his own frames so that each frame is its own work of art to compliment each painting.


Justin Hess, 'Chinese Vase with Almond Blossoms', 24 x 16, Oil on Linen.

Justin goes in to depth about how in make frames in his book Controlling the Creative Process: A Painter's Guide to Methods & Materials.  He talks about coloring frames, adding gold leaf, and creating a texture.  Please feel free to stop by the gallery to take a look through Justin's book, which talks about more than just framing or purchase a copy for yourself here.