Leo Mancini-Hresko -- Artist Demonstration -- Saturday, July 20th, 12pm-3pm

We are happy to announce that Waltham-based artist Leo Mancini-Hresko will be joining us on Saturday, July 20th from 12pm - 3pm for a painting demonstration!  In addition to painting, Leo will answer any and all questions about his technique and the thought process behind his work.

Leo painting during a portrait demonstration in March 2013.

Leo answering questions and discussing his technique & process.

We're excited to see whether he'll be painting a beautiful portrait or tackling a local Beacon Hill streetscape!  

Check out a sampling of some of Leo's most recent pieces that are currently in the gallery.  We should have some incredible new pieces from his recent trip to Maine arriving in the gallery for a first look on the day of the demo! 

'Back to Back' Paint Off -- this Saturday, April 20th, 2-5pm

Damon Lehrer, 'Girl with Banana', 24 x 18, Oil on Canvas

Britt Snyder, 'Carolyn'

Please join us along with members of the Boston Figurative Art Center for a paint off demo this Saturday, April 20th from 2-5pm!

Four artists, Damon Lehrer, Jeremy Durling, Britt Snyder, and Jon Nix, will paint the same model at the same time. Each artists has his own unique style and technique -- they are excited to share their process with you!

The artists will paint in 30 minute sessions and then break for questions.


Jeremy Durling, 'Anika', 16 x 20, Oil on Paper on Panel

Jon Nix, 'Insomnia'

We look forward to seeing you on Saturday -- it's going to be an exciting afternoon!