ADAM VINSON on 'We Love Your Custom' Painting

The vest in the painting is most likely from the Indus Valley of Afghanistan. It is decorated with intricate embroidered patterns and mirrors, and would have been worn for special occasions. In this context we see it draped upon a wire hanger with the distinct paper wrapping of a Western dry cleaning business whose thankful message to their patrons is “We Love Our Customers”.

However, here we see specific letters of this message obscured by the vest. If we were to read what is exposed in modern shorthand, we might decipher “we love your custom”. Herein is where I intended to juxtapose the relationship of two very different cultures and their current relationship in history. I prefer to leave the message vague and open to interpretation as it is not my intention to deliver any kind of concrete meaning.

                       Adam Vinson, 'We Love Your Custom', 34 x 26 inches, Oil on Panel

                       Adam Vinson, 'We Love Your Custom', 34 x 26 inches, Oil on Panel

Clearly from the buttons pinned to the vest we can see a few messages eluding to patriotism, cynicism, faith and pacifism. 

The wire hanger is intentionally not “hanging” on any sort of hook or nail. It is a painting and paintings can and should transcend reason. For me, this is a reminder that even though I spent so much time trying to execute verisimilitude with this picture, it is, after all, not reality. 

Spotlight: ADAM VINSON

Adam Vinson is a remarkable painter and one whose paintings barely have time to settle in the gallery before they are swept away to their new homes!  Here's a look at his most recent painting: Untitled, 9 x 6 inches, Oil on Birch Panel, 2015.

Adam has an ongoing dialogue with Taylor Holmes that will give you a view into his world, thoughts, and process: An Interview with Painter Genius Adam Vinson.

Painter genius, indeed!  It's exhilarating to show Adam's paintings to say the least.

MEET THE MAKERS -- a pop-up!

Come MEET THE MAKERS October 25th and 26th!  44 North CoffeeUnion PressSloane Merrill Gallery, and Ferro & Fawn have teamed up to bring you two days of Maine roasted coffee, letterpress prints, original oil paintings, and handmade jewelry.  The faces behind these independently owned and run businesses will be here to meet, greet, and give you an inside view into our worlds!

Saturday, October 25th from 11am-5pm at Sloane Merrill Gallery -- 75 Charles Street in Beacon Hill. Including an oil painting demo by local gallery artist Jeremy Durling!

Sunday, October 26th from 11am-5pm at Union Press -- 440 Somerville Avenue in Union Square. Including a letterpress demo by Eli G. Epstein!

Come one, come all!  Here's the Facebook invitation -- feel free to RSVP.

Paint the Hill-- 30 Artists / 30 Locations / Lots of Wet Paint!

On Saturday, June 7th, we had the pleasure of hosting our first ever Paint the Hill Event with the Beacon Hill Civic Association!

The event was a smashing success!  Thirty artists painted around Beacon Hill from early morning until 4pm when all the paintings returned to the gallery for the evening Soirée and Reveal.

Participating artists were from around the greater Boston area, some with an intimate knowledge of Beacon Hill and some exploring the Hill for the first time.  All painted on private property accessible to the public. 

A big THANK YOU to our entire Paint the Hill committee and all of our sponsors who made this event possible: 75 ChestnutHampshire House, Fastachi, Beacon Hill Wine & Spirits, Sevens, Hingham Institute for Savings, Panificio, grosgrain & ink LLC, Boston Art & Framing, Beacon Hill Gourmet, The Boston Courant, Opus Affair, Soon Spoon, and Massachusetts Convention Center Authority.

A collection of paintings from Paint the Hill

If you see anything that catches your eye -- contact us!  A number of the paintings are still available for purchase in the gallery.

A Contemporary Mirror: Mary Sauer

Available in the April 2014 issue of The Artist's Magazine -- this fantastic interview with Mary Sauer offers a look into the techniques, materials, and process she uses to create her stunning portraits.  Having just observed Mary's work while she was in town to start a portrait commission -- this article is spot on, a MUST read! 

Below are three paintings by Mary that show different steps in her process.