b. 1975, Uusikaupunki, Finland

While starting his formal painting studies in Finland, he was influenced by visiting professors from Saint Petersburg’s Repin Institute. As part of his interest toward academic realism he spent two years studying classical drawing and painting in Italy, at the Florence Academy of Art, where he also was an assistant teacher. In summer 2004 he was able to spend some time with Odd Nerdrum, observing his way of painting. In 2006, he received his master of art at the University of Art and Design in Helsinki.

He currently lives and works in Stuart, Florida. Though he has studied European 19th century academic traditions and been influenced by Russian 19th academics, he is recently going more towards the impressionistic way of painting, with an emphasis on light, air and colour. Pöyhönen has participated in numerous exhibitions in Europe and USA. Pöyhönen received the Elizabeth Greenshields Foundation grant in 2010.

Group Exhibitions

2014 | Inside Out[side] | Sloane Merrill Gallery | Boston, MA

2012 Untamalan kesä | Finland

Ann Long Fine Art | Charleston, SC
Long Pose | Three Artists | Mary Woerner Fine Arts | Palm Beach, FL 
Summer Exhibition | Cultural Center Untamala Laitila | Finland

2010 | Mary Woerner Fine Arts | Palm Beach, FL

Florida Expressions and Reflections | Elliott Museum | Stuart, Florida 
Annual Juried Art Show | A. E. Backus Museum & Gallery | Fort Pierce, FL
Go Figure | Cultural Center Gallery | Stuart, FL
Young Collectors Sale | Ann Long Fine Art | Charleston, SC 
W.H. Patterson Gallery | London, UK 
Summer Exhibition | Untamala, Laitila, Finland 

ART 2008 Helsinki Art Fair | Wanha satama | Helsinki, Finland 
Summer Exhibition | Untamala, Laitila, Finland 
Jokela Manor | Hämeenkoski, Finland
Finnish Artist’s Union Exhibition | Helsinki, Finland 
W.H. Patterson Gallery | London, UK

Rauma Art Museum | Finland
The Affordable Art Fair | Battersea Park | London, UK
Gallery Oljemark | Helsinki, Finland
Summer Exhibition in Jokela Manor | Hämeenkoski, Finland 
Untamalan Kesänäyttely | Laitila
3rd Annual Alumni Exhibition | The Florence Academy of Art | Corsini Family Stables | Florence, Italia

W.H Patterson Gallery | London, UK
Vakka - Suomen Taideyhdistys 30 - vuotta juhlanäyttely, Culture Center Crusell | Uusikaupunki, Finland
Slow Art | Atlanta, GA
Association Fine Art Annual Exhibition | Charleston Fine Art Dealers | Charleston, SC 
Antique Dealers Fair | Royal Dublin Society (RDS) | Dublin, Ireland 
nsimmäinen nuorten taiteilijoiden kuvataidekilpailu | Taidekeskus Salmela Mäntyharju | Finland 
Italian Group Show | Solomon Gallery | Dublin, Ireland
2nd Annual Alumni Exhibition | The Florence Academy of Art | Corsini Family Stables | Florence, Italy
utut tulevat | Galleria Kanala | Untamala, Laitila, Finland

Ennen juhannusta ja vähän sen jälkeen | Galerie Oljemark | Helsinki, Finland 
eippolan taidekesä | Elimäki, Finland 
First Annual Alumni Exhibition | The Florence Academy of Art | Corsini Family Stables | Florence, Italy
Untamala Summer Exhibition | Laitila, Finland

Elimäki Summer Exhibition | Elimäki, Finland
Galerie Oljemark | Helsinki, Finland

2002 | Diane Nelson Fine Art | California

2001 The Seventh Annual Exhibition | The Florence Academy of Art | Florence, Italy

The Sixth Annual Exhibition | The Florence Academy of Art | Florence, Italy
Galleria Atski | Helsinki, Finland

1997 Varsinais-Suomen taideyhdistyksen vuosinäyttely | Uusikaupunki, Finland

1996 Teather Kuu | Turku, Finlan

Solo Exhibitions  

2010 | Gallery Oljemark | Helsinki, Finland 

2007 | Gallery Oljemark | Helsinki, Finland 

Cafe Wäinö | Wäinö Aaltonen Museum | Turku, Finland
Solo Exhibition | Gallery Oljemark | Helsinki, Finland

2005 | Pietà - Thoughts about tradition | Gallery Atski | Helsinki, Finland    


2004 Odd Nerdrum | Stavern, Norway 

2000-2002 Florence Academy of Art | Florence, Italy

1998-2006 University of Art and Design Master of Arts | Helsinki, Finland

1995-1996 Paimio Folk School Art Studies | Paimio, Finland


2013 | Instructor | The Florence Academy of Art | Florence, Italy

2002 Assistant teacher in drawing program | The Florence Academy of Art | Florence, Italy


2010 The Elizabeth Greenshields Foundation

2002 Leonardo Da Vinci | European Union Grant

2004 Finnish Cultural Association 


2010 | Taloustaito (taide ja keräily, numero 7) 

2007 | Polyteekkari (numero XVI ) 

2006 | Gloria ( Marraskuu ) 

2005 | The Art Renewal Center Journal 

2003 | Coast Magazine | Newport Beach, California 

Work in private collections in Europe and in USA.