b. 1953, Lynwood, California

"I have been a landscape painter for over twenty years.  I began in the shadows of the orange groves and eucalyptus windbreaks of Southern California.  There is a particular light in that area influenced by the close proximity of the ocean.  The light is scattered by the marine layer and melts the distance into a bluish haze.  I tried to get that light down on canvas.  I painted mile-long windbreaks, migrant workers in strawberry fields, and muddy tracks through acres of orange groves.

I felt an urgency to paint.  An article in the local paper was entitled, "Say Good Bye To Your Favorite Bean Field."  The last remaining huge tract of farmland in Orange County was slated for development.  I remember painting on location one morning just off the road with a large canvas up on my easel.  I stood overlooking a sea of orange groves, divided by a long row of giant eucalyptus trees.  As I painted two men in hardhats with rolled blueprints tucked under their arms came up the rise, harbingers of what was to come.

Many years have passed.  When I go back to Southern California I have a hard time recognizing those places.  I live in Boise, Idaho now.  A land with distinctly different seasons.  Different light.  Lots of open space.  Rivers and mountains.  After twelve years living here and twelve years of looking at the landscape I have found some powerful paintings.  Some I have made, many that are waiting.

I have shown in galleries for twenty years. My work can be seen in public collections that include the Boise Art Museum, Banner Bank, Stoel Reeves Law Firm, The Pacific Club of Newport Beach and the Boise Airport among others.

I think the common thread running through all my work is this fascination with light and space.  It is magical to make something appear to be way off in the distance on a flat canvas.  I am also intrigued by painting subjects that are rather ordinary scenes, but as soon as they are translated to paint they become fraught with deeper meanings."

Selected Solo Exhibitions

Sue Greenwood Gallery | Laguna Beach, CA
Julie Nester Gallery | Park City, UT

2010 | Sue Greenwood Gallery | Laguna Beach, CA

2008 Peter Blake Gallery | Laguna Beach,CA

2007 Peter Blake Gallery | Laguna Beach, CA

Peter Blake Gallery | Laguna Beach, CA
Dulce Domum | Stewart Gallery | Boise, ID

2005 Peter Blake Gallery | Laguna Beach, CA

Nature | Stewart Gallery | Boise, ID
Peter Blake Gallery | Laguna Beach, CA

2003 Peter Blake Gallery | Laguna Beach, CA

J. Crist Gallery | Boise, ID
Peter Blake Gallery | Laguna Beach, CA

2001 Peter Blake Gallery | Laguna Beach, CA

Peter Blake Gallery | Laguna Beach, CA
Craig Krull Gallery | Bergamont Station | Santa Monica, CA

1999 Peter Blake Gallery | Laguna Beach, CA

Pratt Gallery | San Diego, CA
Peter Blake Gallery | Laguna Beach, CA

1997 Peter Blake Gallery | Laguna Beach, CA

1996 Pratt Gallery | San Diego, CA

1993 | Renaissance Café | Laguna Beach, CA

1992 | Original Art Gallery | Del Mar, CA


2008 Idaho Commission of the Arts Fellowship

2004 Boise Art Museum Triennial Award of Excellence


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"The Collector" | Amodeo, Justine | Coast Magazine | July Issue, pg. 65
“Summertime” | OC Magazine | Schoenkopf, Rebecca | August Issue

1998 Mendenhall, Lauri | “Geoffrey Krueger: Land in Remembrance” | Coast Magazine | March Issue

1997 Walsh, Daniella B | “Connected to the Canvas” | Orange County Register | November Issue

Selected Group Exhibitions

2011 Not Just a Pretty Face | Boise Art Museum | Boise, ID

Sue Greenwood Gallery | Laguna Beach, CA
Not Just a Pretty Face | Boise Art Museum | Boise, ID

Farming in the 21st Century | Sun Valley Center for the Arts | Sun Valley, ID
There Here | Peter Blake Gallery | Laguna Beach, CA

Landscape 2008 | Julie Nester Gallery | Park City, UT
Peter Blake Gallery | Laguna Beach, CA

Peter Blake Gallery | Laguna Beach, CA
Palette to Palate | Laguna Art Museum | Laguna Beach, CA
Boise Art Museum 2007 Triennial | Boise, ID

2006 Peter Blake Gallery | Laguna Beach, CA

2005 | Stewart Gallery | Boise, ID

Boise Art Museum 2004 Triennial | Boise ID
Peter Blake Gallery | Laguna Beach, CA
Stewart Gallery | Boise, ID

Stewart Gallery | Boise, ID
Earth, Air, Fire, and Water | Boise Art Museum Group Exhibit | Boise, ID
Peter Blake Gallery | Laguna Beach, CA

2002 Peter Blake Gallery | Laguna Beach, CA

Landscape Not Forgotten | William D. Cannon Gallery | Carlsbad, CA
Venice Art Walk | Venice, CA
Hyde Gallery | Grossmont College | El Cajon, CA

1998 Peter Blake at Bristol Bistro | South Coast Plaza | Santa Ana, CA

1996 California Baptist College | Riverside, CA

Mendenhall Gallery | Pasadena, CA
Pratt Gallery | San Diego, CA

Teaching Experience

2007-2010 | Painting Instructor | Boise, ID

Painting Instructor | Irvine Valley College | Irvine, CA
Painting Instructor | California Institute for Women | Frontera, CA

1989-1994 | Serigrapher for Clearwater Studio | Tustin, CA

1984-1989 | Freelance Illustrator for publications and commercial business


Post Graduate Studies in Studio Arts, Painting, and Drawing | Brigham Young University

Selected Public Collections

Banner Bank | Boise, ID
Boise Art Museum | Boise, ID
City of Boise Airport Terminal | Boise ID
Stoel Rives LLP | Boise, ID
Impact Directories | Boise, ID
Pacific Club of Orange County | Newport Beach, CA
CALAB Underwriters RE Insurance | CO
Aliso Viejo Company | Aliso Viejo, CA
Aliso Viejo Public Library | Aliso Viejo, CA
Under Writers RE | Calabasas, CA
Safeco Corporation | Long Beach, CA