Aurelie Galois


Aurélie Galois lives and works between Paris and Boston.

After earning a masters degree in Literature (Sorbonne University) and History of Art (The School of the Louvre), she worked as editor-in-chief for Double Magazine for five years, and then as a free-lance journalist and writer. Meanwhile, she started to paint the portraits of those she was interviewing.

In the early 90's, she began learning every traditional technique of oil painting, engraving, charcoal and pastels. Portraits and people are her favorite subjects. She publishes and exhibits her work regularly, and does commissioned portraits as well. Portraitist is the word that best sums up my artistic approach.

"Nothing fascinates me as much as a face. At a time when photography perfectly fulfills the mission of accurate reflector, the painted portrait is now free to play a different role. We no longer ask painters to be exact witnesses, but allow them to offer intimate interpretations of their subjects.

What place, what identity, what truth is in these faces (and more and more, these bodies) which are born on my canvas ? Singular versus universal, unstable versus permanent--there are so many things to play with in these figures that I relentlessly pursue, in a frenzy of color and texture, until the moment they come to life and I "recognize" them.  And then these faces can live their lives as portraits, these inescapable looks that probe beyond resemblance.  "And the adventure, the great adventure is to see something unknown arise every day in the same face," said Alberto Giacometti."